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Matthew Boldy is Making an Impression

Photo: Rena Laverty/ Team USA 


Matthew Boldy is making a name for himself.

Having scored 32 points (19G- 13A) in 30 games thus far this season for the Team USA NTDP program, the BC commit has rocketed up draft boards, thanks to his deft touch, scoring ability and physicality on the ice.

Projected to be a top 10 pick in the 2019 NHL draft by multiple media outlets, Boldy says that’s not something that he thinks about on an everyday basis.

“I generally try to not think about stuff like that,” Boldy said. “We have a pretty good schedule this year, so it’s not too hard to get distracted. You’re focusing on your game and you have to take it game by game and everything will play out. A lot of guys are focusing on how the team is doing rather than the individual stuff.”

Scouts have often noted that Boldy’s competitiveness is what sets him apart from many other top players. He says that growing up with an older brother is a big reason for his fieriness.

“Growing up, my brother and I were very close,” Boldy said. “It definitely made me physically and mentally stronger. I’m four years younger so I had to come up with ways to beat him, it wasn’t too easy, but I eventually figured it out.”

Boldy’s father played football at Maine, but growing up in such a small town in Massachusetts with no football program led the Millis, Massachusetts native down a different path.

“When I was younger, even before we moved to Millis, we were in an even smaller town and there wasn’t a program to get into,” Boldy said. “My dad always loved hockey so he got my older brother into that, so when I was born, my brother was already playing with sticks and roller blading so it was something that I always wanted to do.”

Boldy believes that his intensity is something that he will be able to bring to the table next year at the college level.

“I think my competitiveness and how hard I work is something that I’ll bring to the next level,” Boldy said. “When I was growing up, as the younger brother, I took some beatings, but that’s actually helped me to mature.”

Boldy will head to Boston College next year to play for head coach Jerry York, fulfilling a life-long aspiration.

“Playing at BC was always a dream of mine,” Boldy said. “When I got the chance it was hard to pass up. I grew up going to their games and being around there. When I got the chance it was a pretty easy choice for me.”

With many players from the Team USA program heading east to play in the Boston area, Boldy says that he believes that  the relationships that he has built with many of his current teammates will continue when they get to college.

“Playing up here, you’re with these guys every day all day,” Boldy said. “Some of my closest friends are here, friendships that I’ll have for the rest of my life, so whether they’re on the team with me or down the street, it’s definitely something special that will help.”

While his daily upper line assignment with his teammates switches often on the ice, Boldy says he believes that every line that they rotate in has a legitimate chance of scoring and making a contribution.

“The collection of guys we have is unbelievable,” Boldy said. “No matter what line we have out there, they’re a threat to score, there’s no doubt in any one on our team, so we go into each game with confidence.”

The importance of giving back to the community off the ice has been something that the NTDP program has taught its players and Boldy says it is something that the team believes is important.

“With everything that we’re given, giving back and being a role model in the community is important,” Boldy said. “It’s something that we enjoy and we hope the people in the community enjoy too.”

Boldy says that he believes that many of the things that he’s learned playing the game of hockey translate over to helping him and the rest of his life.

“On the ice you have to make the right play, the smart play,” Boldy said. “I think that carries over into life. Everything about hockey is something that has helped me to become the person that I am.”


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